At Vera Living, we put people first, always. That’s why we have a dedicated Tenant Experience team to ensure your happiness in your home.   

Once our wonderful Participant Engagement team have helped your find your home, our expert Tenant Experience team take over to guide you through the rest of your journey.  They are your friendly face from Vera Living. They help you sign your lease, transition into your home at your own pace, act as your dedicated point of contact for any issues, and give ongoing support throughout your time living with Vera.  

A Tenant Support Specialist (TSS) plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of tenants in our Vera Living homes. As a single point of contact, they provide comprehensive support to tenants for various aspects of their tenancy.  

Here are some key responsibilities of a Tenant Support Specialist: 

Maintenance and Service Issues in your home 

  • If anything goes wrong in your home, you can contact your friendly TSS at any time. They promptly respond and address tenant requests, swiftly coordinating repairs and ensuring issues are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. 

General Enquiries and Support 

  • If you have any questions, your TSS is there to help. They can answer your general queries and give guidance on things, such as maintenance requests and help with assistive technology.  
  • If you have any complaints about your home, or the supports in your home, your TSS will help. They can facilitate improvements and can assist you with meeting your Supported Independent Living provider to resolve matters in a way that suits you best. 

Communication and Relationship Building 

  • Your TSS is more than just a point of contact to support with your tenancy, they are there for you to communicate what you need and to foster positive relationships. At Vera Living, your happiness is our main priority, and that’s why we build strong relationships with our tenants and proactively check-in to ensure they’re happy. We regularly gather feedback and proactively address any concerns. 
  • When needed, we act as a liaison between tenants and other departments within the property management company, such as accounting or legal teams, to support you to get what you need.

Tenant Retention and Satisfaction 

  • Your TSS is there to enhance your experience as a Vera Living tenant and is always striving to improve things for you. They ensure you have a comfortable home environment that suits your needs and enables you to thrive during your tenancy. 

Vera Living is more than just a home – it’s a lifestyle. Join our vibrant communities and discover a world of belonging, connection, and enhanced independence.   

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