Recently, Vera Living and expert plan managers Provider Choice, teamed up to deliver an introduction to Specialist Disability Accommodation via webinar to over 100 support coordinators and participants around the country. As part of this program, Provider Choice also produced a ‘Guide to SDA’ which answers some of the basic questions around the SDA journey and what questions to ask.

Vera Living x Provider Choice SDA Guide

Whilst this only covers the basics and we always recommend getting a specialist support coordinator and occupational therapist experienced in housing to provide formal opinion, this is a good place to start when it comes to unravelling the complexities of SDA.

Of particular note, this guide discusses:

  • Eligibility: who is likely eligible and for what reasons?
  • The concept of what is reasonable and necessary: the NDIA often base their assessments of applications on what is reasonable and necessary. A key point here is deciding how SDA is reasonable and necessary for achieving your own plan goals.
  • The differences between SIL and SDA: a common misconception is that these are the same thing – we explain the differences and how they apply in differing circumstances.
  • The broad application process: we run through what to look for on your plan, what to discuss with your support network and how to move forward in investigating SDA.

We are always ready and willing to talk to any participant about what next steps they should consider on their SDA journey. Get in contact with us to see how we can assist.

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