Following the impressive June 2018 Joint Submission questioning concerns with the SDA Framework, along with intensive industry action and advocacy around SDA barriers to entry, the Disability Reform Council (DRC) revealed incredibly confidence boosting outcomes around the SDA Framework Review in early February. The actual Review itself can be found here, and the brand new Framework can be found here.

This has profoundly positive outcomes for participants, both in the fact that there has been a large emphasis on increasing choice and autonomy, and also in the fact that it gives SDA Providers more confidence with the pricing model of SDA, allowing for a more competitive and higher quality offering of properties.

Our friends over at Disability Services Consulting have summarised the primary takeaways from the Review and the actions taken as a result in a wonderful article which can be found here, in what was called the “biggest day for SDA since launch”. If you are a participant or a provider, head over and read the article.

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